Sex Education & Sex Problems
Indian society has been undergoing tremendous changes from the middle of the eighties, more particularly after the introduction of the New Economic Policy in 1991 with accent on Privatization, Liberalization and Globalization. The effect has been economic, social and cultural. The brunt of the effect to a great extent has fallen on the young minds particularly in the mega cities such as Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi and Chennai as also to a smaller extent on the other small urban centers through out the country, both boys and girls, who have tended to become money-minded, selfish, impatient, intolerant and in a sense, ready-to-do-anything to achieve their objects. To them, means need not have to justify the ends. This has affected the psyche of the younger generation. This needs to be tackled through counseling and guidance at various levels from the parents to the schools and colleges.
In a tradition-based society where the word 'sex' is still considered as an 'unspeakable' term, and where people forced to discuss and learn secretly about sex and sexuality and where quacks of all hues have been playing havoc, wrong notions and unscientific practices are dangerously encouraged. The alarming growth of AIDS and HIV positive cases has further deepened the need for literature on sex and sex-related education.

The breakdown of the joint family system has created a huge vacuum in the learning and training process of the youth, as they grow older from childhood to adult through adolescent. A great need has therefore been felt for a simple book dealing with various issues of adolescence, psychological behaviour, sex and sexuality. My present Book "Common Sexual Problems with Guidance and Case Studies" must be considered as meeting this important need.

The book has been written to be able to meet the level of the common people but at the same time care has been taken to see that the book becomes useful to medical practitioners as well who are the first persons confronted with these problems by the patients. .

In my book I have brought out the importance of various aspects of Psychology apart from dealing with sexuality education for all categories of people, viz., children, adolescents, adults and the ageing. I have attempted to relate this to various aspects of human life viz., economic, social, cultural, psychological and medical. I have also brought out Case Studies to explain more precisely the situations that are presented before the medical fraternity and have supported the studies with common questions asked openly or covertly by people from time to time.

I am thankful to my wife, the other members of my family for allowing me to take time off them to be able to make this publication and for bringing out this book in its First Edition quickly.
Dr. Girish Sanghavi
Psychologist, Sexologist, and Hypnotherapist
January 2004
It gives me immense pleasure to present this book written by Dr. Girish Sanghavi, to the readers. The book deals with the absolute minimum that each person ought to know about health, psychology, sex, sexuality and other related issues as part of Sexual Education.

Dr. Sanghavi, noted Consultant Sexologist, Psychologist and Hypnotherapist has taken pains to deal with various aspects of this neglected area of education. He has brought to bear his long experience as Consultant to bring home the need for counseling in matters connected with the psychology, sexuality education in a tradition-ridden society that is India. Science has to prevail over fiction and superstition in various areas of human endeavours including in the medical field. This book will help in filling the large vacuum in the scientific understanding of applied psychology and sexuality education. The book is sure to be well received by not only the common people but also by the medical fraternity.
C. R. Sadasivan
Member, Women's Development Cell
University of Mumbai.
December 2003